Sunday, March 4, 2018

CSI: The Experience

Calling all crime scene investigator wannabes! If you ever had the itch to become a crime scene investigator but never got a chance to test out your skills, this is your perfect opportunity.

Become a member of the elite Crime Scene Investigations Unit in the thrilling CSI: The Experience at MGM Grand, which brings the megahit TV show to life.

You'll be tasked with solving one of three separate murders with a bare minimum of evidence to do so... but don't worry, characters from the hit series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will guide you along the way in interactive video presentations.

You'll collect evidence at your crime scene, which you'll take back to two state of the art crime labs where you'll use advanced forensic techniques to analyze bullet casings, make DNA matches and identify a suspect from a single piece of hair.
Free Admission for Kids 10 & Under - For a limited time we are offering free admission to kids 10 & under. Up to an 82% savings!!! For every two free child admissions there must be one full price adult ticket purchased. .@usfg


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