Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do Not Be a Victim of Blood Clotting

One of the culprits that can shorten our mortality rate is blood clotting. It is found out that one person dies of blood clotting every six minutes. There are more deaths due to blood clotting than the combination of breast cancer and AIDS. It can be avoided, though. You have to know the signs and symptoms and what you have to do to avoid this killer.

The number of deaths is staggering and the American Blood Clot Association has realized this and is making efforts to make everyone aware. If you have been eating the wrong kind of foods or beverages, not moving around and not having enough sleep, you should consider having a general checkup, especially if you have swelling in the legs or arms, shortness of breath, sweating or chest pains. Assuming that it is nothing may be the last mistake you make.

There are ways to diagnose this condition, especially the areas where discoloration, swelling and tenderness occur. To be sure, however, further tests should be done with the help of the medical experts can that perform the particular scan. If a blood clot is found, removal will be attempted either by catheter or dissolving with medicine.


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