Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kushyfoot's Fall 2014 Collection is Available

It’s time to get ready for this fall season because its’ here! You can start by upgrading items for your feet and legs. Be fashionable and comfy. Best of all, enjoy certain discounts and free shipping (qualifiers apply). When you live in the US and fall or winter is just around the corner, one of the best perks is being able to shop for the upcoming season, online or at a local store.

I am very satisfied with what I received and thanks to for giving me this opportunity to try some items from their awesome Fall collection. I received a pair of their newly available Fashion Tights and I love them because they do not hurt my legs when I do long walks or stand for a long time.
I also have a pair of Shaping Tights with a built-in control top and massaging sole to give my legs some shape, additional comfort and warmth during the cool months ahead. They have a reinforced toe that adds durability, too. I wear my minis with these so they look and feel great.

I love high heels so I often wear the flats to go which I wear whenever I feel tired of wearing my high heels. You can choose from ballet flats, open toe or sandals. Here’s another one, a Fleece Trouser I love using wearing my knee high boots! so soft and comfy!

I highly recommend these items from the awesome Kushyfoot's Fall 2014 Collection because you will be really satisfied with the comfort, the feel, and the savings.

I'm ready for the fall season now, how about you? To learn more about their impressive Fall collection, become their Facebook, Twitter fan and stay warm and comfy this fall!

I received some products at no cost for reviewing purposes only. All written content is 100% original.


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