Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Easy Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Nothing is worse than waking up in a room with blank, lifeless walls. Flicking on the over-bright, blinding lights, to stumble out of bed and lift the same old blinds. Using the same broken handles to open up the draws of the same plain dresser. If you go through this every morning then maybe it’s time for a bedroom makeover. With just a few simple ideas you can completely transform your bedroom from a place to sleep to a place to live.

Where to Start

The easiest place to start with your bedroom makeover is the bed itself. What better way to begin than by getting a new set of bed covers? For a new and luxurious feel, a silk cover set is the best option. There are great stores, like Vinci Living (which can be found at http://www.vinciliving.com.au), where you can find just the covers you need. After you have your new covers it’s time to start bulking up the bedding. Go get yourself some extra pillows for your bed until you have created just the right arrangement.
Moving on from the bed, it’s time to fix up the window covering. Get rid of the boring old blinds and replace them with a thick, light blocking curtain. For an added sense of style, match the curtains to your bed covers with some luscious silk blinds. Remember that consistency is key in your bedroom makeover.

Keep it Personal

Don’t forget that the bedroom is your space, so make sure to express your personality. Take the handles from your dresser and doors and replace them with artistic stylised versions of your choosing. For even more personalisation, taking your plain old dresser and giving it a wallpaper covering will immediately transform it into a lovely piece of art for the room.


Keeping the lighting in the bedroom dim helps bring comfort to the room. Nothing beats lamps when it comes to lighting the bed room. To give the room a sense of symmetry, it is usually best to have a pair of lamps, one on either side of the bed. If space is an issue and you cannot fit a lamp on a bedside table then wall mounted lamps are the best option. Alternatively, if you have a bedhead, there are lights available that will clamp at the top of the bedhead; this is perfect for late night reading.

Out of Space?

Space can often be a problem when making over a bedroom. To alleviate the problem, many things can be wall mounted. For example, if you have a standing mirror, you can take it off the stand and mount it to the wall, saving lots of floor space. Wall shelving is another great way to make space in the room, as well as creating somewhere for display pieces.

Fill it in

Art pieces or photographs are a brilliant way to cover those blank walls and make the room more enjoyable overall to live in. If space isn’t an issue for you then a corner chair adds a nice touch to the room and gives you a place to sit and enjoy the room you have created or read a book.
With some of these simple steps you can completely transform your bedroom to become an incredible space to be in. Do you have any great makeover ideas to transform your bedroom?


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