Wednesday, March 26, 2014

black lace blouse in 3D embroidery Giveaway!

S/S Giveaway Worldwide
How to get:
1.  Add a comment to show your love at product page :
2.  Leave a comment following this poster too.
1 winner will be picked 5 days later.  Good Luck!
Btw, the lace blouse will be $11.99 on 27th March. Here is an inner coupon for you, my lovely fans10offblacklace save another 10% for lace blouse on 27th March.

This is a worldwide.  I’m not responsible for any prize fulfillment.  One winner will be emailed after the giveaway ends. 


  1. fb name: yen morales

  2. That's cute! I love lace tops.

  3. This outfit screams my sisters name. Love it

  4. Done!!!
    name: Vitoria Machado Fernandes

    by Vitoria

  5. FB Dagmara Marut

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