Monday, February 17, 2014

Smelling Good Gives You An Edge Most Of The Time

Once in your life you get to encounter that moment wherein you will be forced to give your best first impression. One of the best things you can do to make sure you look good and smell good. Your outfit should be fitted in the occasion. Spraying a certain Harvey Prince perfume ensures a great aura. 
One of their best scents is the Ageless. It doesn’t just give a good smell but it defies your skin’s natural age revealing scent. It makes you smell 8-12 younger that your real age thus gives that young feel. Feeling young is most of time tantamount to smelling young.

To learn more about their fragrances, check out this place, Harvey Prince, become their Facebook and Twitter fan and you'll be happy you did.


  1. Never heard of this brand, i will ask my wife is he has...

  2. Now that's an interesting concept. The smell can make you younger? Who knew?

  3. What a neat concept! Would make a great gift for my mom! Thanks!

  4. I never thought that skin would have a different smell depending on the age but it is quite logical. And smelling is a direct course to our feelings, I'm sure smelling younger will instantly make you feel younger.

  5. This is where I wish we could scratch and sniff via internet... I've never seen this brand out, and now you have my curiosity up!

  6. i love perfume not just for its fragrant but the bottle too. I think the one i won from dhemz giveaway is similar to this. this is a good stuff, i do love the smell


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