Thursday, February 27, 2014

Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage Sessions

When you go to your Orem massage appointment, the massage therapist might ask if you want a relaxing massage or a therapeutic massage. If you want a relaxing massage, they will ask if there are any particular parts of the body that you want them to steer clear of—a recent bruise, rash, or any other sensitive area—and then they will go to work. Music will be used in the background to help you relax as well.  A therapeutic massage is generally done by focusing on a certain area of the body that is tight, painful, or in need of some work.

Beginnings of a Relaxing Massage

A relaxing massage can start anywhere on your body after you have removed the clothing that you are comfortable removing, and are lying either face up or face down on a massage table. Some massage therapists start at the feet and use calm, gentle strokes to twist, squeeze and work the tissues of the foot. From there, they work up the front or back of the legs and onto the hips. The back is where the massage therapist will usually find some tight spots, or knots. Working on the large muscles of the back as well as all of the smaller muscles will help your whole body relax. The arms will be worked on from the front and the back as well.

Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage

Some therapists start with a client on their stomach and then turn them over on their back. They will work on the front of the body at this point. At the end of the relaxing Orem massage, the massage therapist will gently work through the muscles of the neck and the face. They will end with a gentle massage of the tissues of the skull, which should leave you very relaxed from tip to toe. A therapeutic massage does not usually involve the whole body. When your shoulder has been hurting and it’s painful to lift your arm, your massage therapy session may focus on the painful shoulder, the neck, the back and the chest. Everything in the body is connected. So, when a shoulder is hurting, the muscles around the shoulder are tight as well. 


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