Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Great Place to Shop for Fun Wall Decals

My daughter wanted to have some Fun Wall Stickers in her bedroom.  She told me many times that her room is boring and it would be nice to have decorated wall stickers she can look at in her room.  I haven’t thought about wall stickers before until she told me about them.  I told my hubby about getting some cool wall stickers that we can put on her bedroom walls and my hubby thought it was a good idea.  I totally agreed and since I was so busy, I didn’t have time to rearrange all of her bedroom furniture at this moment.  I went browsing online and found these really cute wall stickers australia which has a great selection of wall stickers for kids that are very reasonably priced.  This princess castle and angle cartoon all in one decal is just perfect for my little princess.  I already pictured it in my head that her bedroom will be look unique and beautiful.  Having these wall stickers really makes my daughter happy considering how nice and cute they look. 

Aside from wall stickers, they also have some tabletop banner stands which I think my hubby needs for his work project next month.  He has a presentation he is planning and he said he needed some banner stands.  After looking at all these stands, I thought this would be a perfect place for my hubby to check out.  He thanked me because these were exactly what he needed. Anyway, after browsing some stuff for my little princess and my hubby, I started browsing something I would like and I just can’t take my eyes off on these unique wall stickers called charming eyes and words.  This would be perfect to put in our finished basement where most of my friends and I gather when they come over.