Monday, September 2, 2013

Multi-Coloured Clip On Hair Extensions

You’re hip, you’re trendy, but you’re still practical. You may love outwardly expressive design and fashion, but you don’t necessarily want to turn your life upside down for it either. This becomes especially true for hair colouring. You would love a splash of blue, red, or blonde, but you know the needle-point precision, alongside the Buddhist level of patience that would be required to see the job through till the end. Let’s say there is just a strip of your hair that you want coloured – fair enough, but it doesn’t make the job dying it any less tedious, and ironically, even more frustrating. There’s the brush (that never works) with the bleach (meaning it spreads well outside its boundary), and then even if you get that step right, you still have to colour it afterwards, getting the colouring within the exact same lines as you achieved with the bleach-job. It’s akin to winning the lottery twice – in the same month.


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