Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Water Shoe

Our daughter told me recently to buy her water shoes to wear this summer. She needed them because the last time we went to the park, they have a small lake for kids to play in and it’s rocky under the water. She doesn’t like to walk there barefoot because it hurts her feet. I can’t blame her because it does look rough to me and most of the kids that play there wear slippers or water shoes. We went to Target after the park and found these cute, pink water shoes. Rachel was so happy I grabbed the pink pair she liked. I wasn’t too excited about it because it wasn’t on sale. But, I couldn’t say no to her, especially when she told me how much she loved me and I’m the best Mom in the whole wide world. I was laughing so hard when I heard her say those words. It just made my heart melt and I know she meant it.