Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Taking Care of Your Gold

Gold pendants for women are an extremely popular and simple form of jewelry. Gold is expensive and a great form of jewelry, so it is a must for all women to own at least one piece. When you own any type of gold, it is your responsibility to take good care of it so that it looks its best and will last a long time. As long as you do so, your gold should last you a very long time.

Basic Gold Care

It is important to remember as you wear your gold that the metal is soft. Especially if your jewelry is pure gold, it is susceptible to getting dented or otherwise damaged. Never use your jewelry for anything besides wearing it, and be careful when doing anything strenuous. Never pull on a chain too much, because it may break. Always treat your jewelry as though it is very fragile, and it should stay in good condition. Keep your gold out of the water and other things as much as possible as well. If there are small crevices in the jewelry or if there is a stone, things could get stuck down in the cracks and will be difficult to get out. You will also need to polish and clean your gold every once in a while. Don’t do this too often –it can wear down the gold. Instead, only polish about once a year. You can do this yourself by submerging the gold in a mixture of water and soap, and rinsing and air drying the gold. You can also take it to a professional to get it professionally cleaned. You should do this at least once every five years to keep your gold in good condition.

Shopping for Gold 

When you are shopping for gold pendants for women, whether it is for a gift or yourself, don’t purchase the cheap gold. This usually means it is just a regular metal with a gold covering, which will wear out a lot quicker than expensive gold. This type of jewelry will also not have the same shine that pure gold does.