Monday, September 2, 2013

Short Summer Dress

It’s the time of the year when I wear short summer dresses all the time. I love to wear them because they are light, cool and comfortable. I have a couple of summer dresses that I bought last year. They were on sale, so I got a pretty good deal on them. Even though I have a couple of them in the closet, I was still looking around and trying to find some more good deals.

While I was surfing on the internet, there’s one banner that pops up and it was Old Navy. Just for the heck of it, I clicked and then found the dresses that I have been looking for. I have been planning to get one of these styles and I finally found it. I was so happy when I saw the red tag that means it’s on sale. Maybe I will go to the Old Navy store this weekend and I’m hoping to get my size. I wear small or extra small, depending on the manufacturer.

I have some clothing from Old Navy and my size for their clothing is extra small which makes me feel good because it sounds like I’m small, but I’m not. I don’t really have any special diet because it hasn’t work for me in the past.