Saturday, August 10, 2013

Keeping Your Jewelry Sparkling For The Longest Time Possible

Among all the accessories worn by people every day, sparkling jewelry has the highest value. Collectors and enthusiasts won't mind spending a lot just to get the rarest style, and they’ll keep it for as long as they want. Since these items come at great prices like those Whiteflash, it is appropriate to know how to keep it sparkling and looking fabulous. 

It is very important to keep your jewelry spot and dust free. Keeping it clean requires a lot of effort and presence of mind. If you're used to wearing it every day, bear in mind to always remove it every time you do tasks like washing the dishes, watering plants or perhaps taking a bath. Do not rely on the fact that your jewelry is genuine and won't fade, because there are strong cleaning materials that could easily ruin its quality. You wouldn't want your Verragio engagement rings and wedding bands looking awful just because you accidentally splashed some acidic cleaning materials on them. 

If you happen to observe some dark spots on your jewelry, you can easily remove them by using wet flannel with a little bit of hyposulphite solution. These spots usually come from the bleaching creams you might be using on your skin. 

There are instances wherein dust accumulates in some parts of your jewelry that can hardly be reached. You can use some cotton buds dipped in cologne or glycerine to get rid of it, and do not allow this dust to stay there for a long period of time.

For each kind of jewelry, there is a specific method of cleaning. Those that are made of gemstones can be cleaned using any washing powder and soft brush, aside from those that are made of corals and pearls, because soap foams can be harmful to them. 

For gold jewelry, washing powders can be used, but make sure they don’t contain any whitening solutions. The same goes for silver jewelry. See to it that the cleaning material doesn't contain any active oxygen and chlorine.

Every time you're cleaning, bear in mind to use warm water. Mixing washing a material with water is very essential because the combination of these chemicals can cause discoloration.

Keeping them clean will keep them sparkling and looking fabulous for the longest time possible.  


Once you are done with the cleaning process, you should also know how to store them properly. As much as possible, keep them inside a jewelry box and make sure they are being stored in a cool and dry place. Keep them away from direct sunlight because stones like rubies, amethysts and topazes will eventually lose their vibrancy and color. 

Sterling silver items should not be placed inside the bathroom because the presence of moisture is their mortal enemy.

Some jewelry keepers place cushions under their jewelry to make sure that they are properly laid down. These aren't necessary, but do add the overall elegance. Branded items have their own glamorous boxes that are made to keep the items safe and secure.