Friday, June 7, 2013

Sleek Clogs for Summer

You know what I love during the summer? I can finally wear some really cute and stylish clogs, that being said, as you can see here in the photos below I’m wearing Caspian Coral Bloom clogs and I really love them! They fit really great on my feet and I just can’t stop looking at them! The color, the style and the fit is just what I wanted.

Aside from their stylish look, they are really comfortable to wear, too. I love pink and for me it matches whatever my outfit is for the day! This pair of clogs has an adjustable back strap which makes them very comfortable to wear. This medium heel size is just perfect for me. They have fastened staples, a swedish alder wood base, traditional leather and overall the look of this new pair of clogs is sleek, stylish and just perfect for the summer time.

If you want a pair of these beautiful clogs, check out this place,, become their Facebook and Twitter fan to get this stylish look like I have and really love!