Friday, May 10, 2013

A Style Change is only a Zip Away

I’m really loving my new interchangeable shoes from These are one of the coolest shoes I’ve seen so far and I’m so impressed not just with the style, but also the comfort and quality of these shoes. Zipz shoes provide unique features with their shoes. For example, you can design your own shoe as easy as 123.

You will be surprised how great their of variety of styles and colors they have for you to choose from. For me, what I got is the love child shoe and extra cranberry cover, which I love because I can change from pink to red with just one zip. These two colors are my favorites and I really love them both because whatever my outfit, they will surely match whatever shoes I will use, either the red or the pink ones.

Here’s some great other great reasons why people love zipz shoes: their products are made in the US, which means you can be sure they will be durable for a very long time. They want to make sure that they have the best handmade shoes and their products are made for comfort and to look unique, so unique that every shoe lover will surely love them.

With, it’s easy to create and match shoes. If you want these awesome shoes that can change color with only a zip away, check out this place, their Facebook or Twitter and you can buy these cool shoes at You can select from high tops, low tops, slip ons and whatever color or pattern you want. They have sizes for for men, women and even for kids. With summer around the corner, for sure these unique shoes will surely look great with every outfit you have in your wardrobe.


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