Friday, April 5, 2013

The Ultimate Purse Organizer!

I often change purses whenever I go out. The hassle about it is that I keep moving all my stuff from one purse to another one. I’m really getting tired of it because I have a lot of stuff to transfer and sometimes I don’t like changing purses anymore. That is why I’m so excited about having this new pouchee purse organizer and as you can see here the color is just awesome, perfect for spring!

Now that I have this, it’s so easy for me to change any purse I want! As what the title says, this is really an ultimate purse organizer because there’s so much stuff you can put in it, as you can see here in my picture, I have my cellphone, sunglasses, snacks for my little princess, make up, ID and several of my credit cards. It has rings in the middle so it’s easy to handle, it has zippered pockets for any personal items which is where I usually put my money and the coolest thing, it fits in most purses. You can find this great purse organizer at this great place and they have a Facebook you can check out and to get some promotional updates.


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