Friday, April 5, 2013

Oh So Comfy Nightgown!

This product, The Long Knot, is the best night gown I have ever had. I received the leopard print color and I just loved it! Seriously, it’s so comfortable when I wear it day or night it is just awesome! It’s so soft and even when I don’t wear it I love hugging it, yup that’s how much I love the softness of this night gown. Aside from the color, the comfort of this one, I love the size because it fits really well on me.

I’m only 5’1 inches tall and the length of this long knot gown is just perfect for me. You know another cool about this night gown? I can wear it as a maxi dress and this black one will be the perfect style for any occasion. If you want this beautiful night gown, you can check it out at this place,, like their Facebook and you’ll be happy you did.