Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bring Out Your Artistic Side By Creating Your Own Messenger Bag

It feels great to wear something that you personally designed. Somehow it defines your true self you’re own artistic skills. Just like having the Crew Messenger Camo Tagger bag wherein the color brings out your girly side while the camo balances it.

Another awesome design would be the Crew Messenger Mikado. The abstract design can cover up dirt accumulation thus maintaining its coolness.

Taggerbags are known for making these customize bags. They’ve been producing the highest quality among its competitors and that is why I feel very grateful for this awesome opportunity to try their products and designing a customized messenger bag of my own.

As you can see here in the pictures, this crew messenger bag I received really is perfect for my laptop and aside from laptop, I can put more into it since it very spacious.

For this crew messenger bag, you can customize it and they have a great selection of styles, colors and you can build by selecting flap, bag and strap. The size for this messenger crew bag is 13,5" (w) x 10,5" (h) x 7" (d) 34cm x 27cm x 17,5cm and it’s really big enough to put a laptop and of course, the style is just awesome.

If you want to own one of these messenger bags like I do, check out this great place, Taggerbags, become their Facebook fan and you will be happy you did. Also, aside from having durable messenger bags, you can also bring out your artistic side and can proudly say that the bag is exclusively yours.