Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bikini Set For Kids

 My daughter just loves her new seaside top and bikini set from SunGrubbies. I love it too, because the color and the style looks great on her, plus it’s good sun protection because it’s UPF 50+/ 98% UV blocked. It’s made of nylon/lycra, she got the orchid color with halter top style and the top has a tropical print which makes it real cute.

For this seaside set, you can choose from three colors you want for ages 4 to 14 yrs old and they have three styles which are the seaside and short, seaside bikini set and jammer set. While wishing for the summer to come, we are headed out to the rec center where we have a couple of indoor pools where she can use her new swimwear. If you want to get these cute and stylish swimwear check out this place, like their Facebook and you'll be happy you did.


  1. I love the swimwear mommy.. that's perfect coz then she'll have something ready for when the weather starts to warm up. :) Lovely color too and she looks cute in it.