Friday, June 15, 2012


Tomorrow after we’re done with our quickie trip to downtown, I will stop at the store. Our daughter needs new slippers since the one she has right now doesn’t fit her good anymore. She had these since last year and her feet have just gotten so much bigger. She has lots of tennis shoes, but she only has one pair of water slipper. Just like her Dad, he only has one pair of slippers to wear in the water too. Don’t ask me how much I paid for them because I can’t remember. I love all types of boots, sandals, flip-flops and even high heels. Anyway, I went online shopping for her slippers and found this cute and stylish pair. For sure she will love to wear these because she’s also a little fashionista. Though, she loves purple more than pink, the ones that I found were on sale, but they’re pink. Well, I guess she will just have to wear them.

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