Saturday, June 30, 2012

New wedge

Before I went to the grocery section, I went go to the shoe aisle at Target. I was looking for slippers for my hubby, but unfortunately I didn’t find anything I liked. Instead, I found this cute stylish pair of sandals for our little princess. I just couldn’t help myself not to buy it because it was 50 off from the original price and it would look so good on her. She wasn’t with me when I went shopping that time and when I got home, I was so excited to show them to her. Of course, she was so happy and jumping for joy because the sandals had lots of flowers which she loved. It’s one of those days that you don’t plan to buy something and you actually find something nice. Anyway, I heard that the other store had flip flops on sale, so I might go there and buy a pair for my hubby.

1 comment:

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