Monday, June 18, 2012

Just Add Water

Last weekend we went to the children’s museum. We didn’t tell our daughter because we wanted to surprise her. Sure enough when we got to our destination she was so happy and excited to play with the water and all the balls. This was a new exhibit they have at the children’s museum and will only be there in the summer from June 15 - August 22. There’s a lot of fun there and our daughter had a blast playing with the The Geysers, Water Works, Whirlpools and Fountains and the Blank Slate Gallery. Before we went there, I brought some extra clothes and towels because I know for sure she would get wet. Well, not just wet, but she was soaked with water. I was really glad we brought her to this new exhibit at the children's museum because it was totally awesome fun for kids. I asked her what was her favorite and she told me it was the Whirlpools and Fountains where you put the ball in the water fountain and the ball goes on top. Kids can do a lot of stuff when you go to this exhibit called just add water such as painting, pumping, sprinkling a lot more. For this summer fun, this exhibit will surely lead the way for water fun for your kids. To learn more information about their new exhibit, check out mychildsmuseum and look for the 2 for 1 Wednesday Nights coupon.