Monday, June 25, 2012

Adult costume

I’m really excited for this Halloween this year. Why? Because I finally have an adult costume I can wear. Every year when we go to a Halloween party, I have never really bothered to dress up, except for wearing something simple like a mask or some cool hats. Just recently, I talked to a friend of mine and she told me that they will have a big Halloween party this year. Even though it’s several months away, she still has made plans for it. This time, she told me to wear something like sexy Costumes she told me about before, because we will have a prize for whoever wears the sexiest costumes. I went surfing on the internet and found this awesome place that has a wide selection of womens costumes to choose from. I was so glad and finally found something I liked. When I got my costume, I was so excited to try it on and was so happy that it fit me perfectly. For me, I feel really sexy wearing it and my hubby agrees. I really can’t wait to wear it to this Halloween party and thanks to this place, I will finally be able to wear a nice and sexy costume to my friend’s party.

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