Thursday, March 29, 2012

Princess ball

Rachel has a couple of balls already, but when we went out grocery shopping at Walgreen’s this afternoon, she saw this cute princess ball. She grabbed it right away and asked me if I could buy it for her. I didn’t say yes because she has like three balls and their all in the backyard. I told her that but she told me she didn’t have the princess one yet. Well, when I checked the price, it was really cheap, so I told her if she promised to be a good girl then I might buy the ball for her. As always, she told me she will be a good girl for the rest of her life she said. I was laughing so hard hearing her say that. She was so excited to play with it, so she hurried me to get home and when we did, she went looking for her Daddy right away. She was so excited to show it to him and they had fun playing with it together. She got so tired she asked me if I could give her an early dinner so she could go to bed soon. I didn’t cook anything today because we had some leftovers from last night.