Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I meant to write on my grocery list to buy sanitizer and sunblock. Rachel’s hands touches everything and she has the habit of putting her hands in her mouth. I always want to make sure that her hands are always clean. Whenever we go out, I always have sanitizer with me just in case I can’t find a bathroom where I can wash her hands with soap and water. The other day, my sanitizer ran out and I forgot to grab another one at the store this morning. I was so upset because it’s always on my mind to buy one and the sunblock too. The weather has been warmer lately and we are at the park almost every day. I always put sunblock on me and Rachel when we are outside. The same thing happened, I forgot to grab it again earlier, so I called my hubby this afternoon and asked him if he could stop at Walgreens and buy the stuff that I needed. I was so glad he said yes and now that he is home, I got a bag with everything I needed. I was so happy because we are planning to go to the park tomorrow morning and the forecast it warm and sunny.

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