Saturday, March 17, 2012

DVD case

I have been looking for a good DVD case. Recently I was cleaning my iphoto and burning some pictures on to DVDs. My hubby bought me two boxes of DVDs to burn some pictures that are on our computers. I don’t have enough memory to use in my laptop because of the pictures I have stored. I have almost 30,000 pictures and I need to transfer them just to be safe. One thing I need to have is have a DVD case where I can put all the DVDs with pictures and videos stored on them. I always treasure the photos and videos we have and I want to keep them in a safe place. Anyway, we went to Microcenter last week to fix my hubby’s laptop. I found a bunch of DVD cases for sale. It stores up to 96 DVDs for a very cheap price. I bought a couple of them so we will have plenty in the future. I was so happy because all the DVD pictures I had to burn are already stored safely in the DVD case.

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