Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I went grocery shopping this afternoon at Target. Our daughter was running out of Cherrios and when I went to the store one of the flavors that she likes wasn’t on sale. Instead the original one which doesn’t have any flavor at all was on sale. I asked her first if it’s okay to switch to the original one. It took her a while to say yes and I tried to let her know that it was on sale and we tried to buy the cheapest, but healthy food. I’m so glad she understood and she told me if the one she likes is on sale next, she wants to buy a couple of them so it will last a while. I was laughing and said yes to her minor request. We didn’t shop very long because there wasn’t many people in the cashier area. After we shopped we stopped at the library and returned the books. We also checked out a couple more and she was excited for me to read them at bedtime. I usually read a book to her every night.

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  1. Visiting you here sis for last week's Tuesday Travels! Unfortunately, I couldn't find your entry. :( I would have loved to check it out!