Friday, March 30, 2012


It’s been so hot and warm here lately. Rachel and I have been so busy playing outside. We love the outdoors and we have a lot of outdoor toys. Recently, we were out of bubbles and I know how much she likes to play bubbles, especially during the warm days. So, I went to the store and grabbed her a big bottle of bubbles and she was so happy about it. Since she has some refill bottles where I can just pour some in there if it’s empty she won’t run out for a while. The big bottles that I got for her is too big for her to handle and pour. Good thing she got a lot of small bottles. Right now she’s in the backyard playing and blowing some bubbles. She is having a lot of fun out there. I might need to call her inside because it’s getting late. She needs to clean up before we eat dinner tonight.

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