Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ballet flat

I can’t help myself when I saw this pair of flat sandals. The first time I went to the store and saw this pair, I was wishing that it was on sale. There’s no stickers or anything that telling that the item was on sale. I only know that it was because I went to the checkout counter and asked them to scan how much the price was in the system. To my surprise, the shoe-lady said it was on sale and the price was really low. I was so happy because I really liked these sandals and of course even more since they were ninety percent off from the original price. However, they felt a little small when I was wearing them and the lady told me they will eventually stretch out a bit if I keep wearing them. So, I bought them and have been wearing them inside the house for days now. The shoe-lady was right, they really did stretch some and now they fit perfect on my feet. Our daughter really likes the style and she kept telling me how nice they look on me. Also, I got a couple of purses that match my new sandals.

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