Saturday, February 25, 2012

Multi Grain

We need to go grocery shopping at Costco today or tomorrow. We are running out of cereal and since me and rachel eat the same kind, my hubby suggested we buy it at Costco. They have the cereal that we need, it’s in a big box with two packages of cereal at a very low price. We can save money if we buy in bulk. I haven’t checked the price at the regular store, but shopping at a warehouse store you always pay cheaper than in regular store. I used to eat bread and coffee in the morning, but when I tried one from Costco sample a year ago, I was surprised how much I liked it. Our daughter put some marshmallows and raisins along with milk of course. Also, whenever we go out, I always bring some Cheerios with me. She always gets hungry and she won’t stop asking until you give her something to eat. I guess all kids are kind of like that. Hopefully my hubby doesn’t have any plans for tonight, because if he does we will probably go to Costco tomorrow.