Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lucky boots

Three months ago, I was strolling in Dillard’s looking for nothing in particular. There’s a pair of boots that caught my attention. Of course, I went straight to that aisle and grabbed them. I didn’t look for the price before I tried them on. They fit perfectly on me, but then the bad news was the price was way higher than I expected. I love winter, I love boots and I have a collection of boots, but most of them are in the storage. I guess we are going to have cold weather for a while so I wish all of my boots were in our house and not in storage. My hubby said they are hard to get to because they are in the back of the storage area. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, and one of my friends told me that the boots I’ve been wanting was on sale. So, I went to the store and bought them. I modeled them for my hubby and he said they were his favorite pair of boots that I own.

1 comment:

  1. Those are some nice boots mommy oi.. Ako I just bought a pair then it didn't fit my big calves.. hahahahaha... I had to resell it. Tua napalit na jud ganahan raba unta ko.