Thursday, February 16, 2012

Camera bag

I have been looking to buy a new camera bag for a while now. I went browsing on amazon and ebay, but I couldn’t find what I liked. There are some bags that I really like, but they were too pricey for me. I don’t feel like buying one for over $100 right now. I was really disappointed because it seems like all the camera bags that I like are so expensive. One day, we went to Wolf camera and found this nice big camera bag on sale. I was so glad because it was the perfect camera bag for me. It’s big, has a multiple pockets, fully padded and the best of all, it has room for my extra lenses plus our videocamera. It was exactly the bag I have been looking for at a great price. I’m so glad I found this bag and now I’m all ready for our next photography adventure.

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  1. I got my own bag too. Take a look and you'll die loving it.. hehehe

    It's here: