Friday, February 10, 2012

Big round face

My daughter found this nice watch for me. She wanted me to try it on because she knows it will look good on me. Without hesitation, I put it on my wrist and it did look good. It was on sale and I’m glad because I wasn’t planning on buying anything that day. I was just strolling out of boredom and also to get some exercise. When I showed it to my sister, she loved it. She asked me if she could buy it from me. I didn’t answer her right away because I really liked it. There’s only two left in the store and when I checked at another place, it wasn’t on sale. I was really exited to show it to my hubby that night, but he didn’t like it. He told me that it looks like it’s a man’s watch, because it has a big round face and I guess it does look like a man’s watch. I told him it’s the new model and that’s the style or what is in today. Anyway, I called the store to see if they still have this kind of watch and lucky for me there’s one left. So, I called my sister and told her she could buy the one that I have whenever she wants.

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